I’ve always wanted to have a blog but pondered what would I blog about? The topic would have to be one that if someone were to ask me “What is your most favorite thing to do? Something you have a passion for?” I would reply that my most favorite thing to do is to READ! (Don’t act surprised, the name of the blog is kinda a giveaway) First, let me be clear I am a child of God and I love to read His word! Second, I have a awesome husband,children and grandchildren that I love to spend time with and make memories.

I love to read and there are so many Fiction Christian authors that weave God’s word into their writing that it just amazes me how God has blessed them to not only write but share God and His message through their stories. God has used many quotes from books to encourage me and remind me of Him and His ways.

I’ve started following Christian Fiction authors on Facebook and their websites. These writers gift each book they write with bringing glory to God through their talent.

I am a avid reader and I would read all day long everyday if it were possible, lol. But it isn’t so what I can do is give honest reviews on the books that I read. Hopefully to introduce you to new authors and even older ones that you may not be aware of, I’ve certainly found some I was not aware of and boy am I glad I did.  Did I mention I love to read? Oh yes, I believe I have! I do read non-fiction Christian and will review them as well! Please note that my reviews will not be lengthy because I for one do not want to read a long summary of the book that spoils the joy of reading it for myself!

So, please pass the word along, there is a new reviewer on the web and I hope you enjoy reading as much as I do!

So, grab a cup of coffee, lean back in your recliner, relax and let’s read!


P.S. ( I’m learning to navigate this blog so I ask for your patience and mercy)


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